Wednesday, 13 April 2011

ASOS 2011 preview

Today online fashionista favourite unveiled their Autumn/Winter offerings.

We have a timeline of the most gorgeous coats from the last half a century to look forward to, including this mustard yellow 60's style coat,

The collection's been split into style segments and inkeeping with the retro 60's vibe is this great colour block shift dress,

Moving on from the swinging 60's was the luxe 70's, with these velvet palazzo trousers that shouldn't work but are actually oh so very right.

My favourite trend section had to be the Revival collection, inspired by vintage chic and designed by ASOS, Revival captured every stylish decade perfectly,

With the ultra glam footwear to match

And from decades past to the future, the ASOS inc collection uses futuristic materials for its bright and bold pieces, almost a bit Fifth Element-esque?

Not forgetting the gorgeous heels in all shapes and sizes; platforms, wedges, blocks and the bags to go with them!

I know Summer's only just rolling around but judging by this lot, is it wrong that I'm looking forward to Autumn already?