Tuesday, 23 November 2010

London loves Lanvin!

By now the dust has settled, the tills have been shut and the lights turned down in the country's many H&M stores. For today was the premier of the Lanvin collection for the high street store, and this is what the queue of eager shoppers looked like at 8am outside of the Regent Street branch..

But those who chose not to brave the cold and shop behind the comfort of their computer screen didn't fare well, as they were greeted with a message declaring "sorry we're really popular right now please try again later" then slapped with a "sold out" sign come 7:10 am.

Despite the restrictions placed in store to discourage fashion touting, including only being able to buy one of each item in one size, Ebay is full to the brim of people taking one's love of a Lanvin bargain for advantage. You can now buy the yellow one shouldered dress which was originally priced at £99.99 at a mere inflated sum of £210.

Wasn't the point of this highstreet / couture collaboration supposed to be the ability to afford a name that would usually be out of reach? Unfortunate that a few greedy ebayers snapped up the collection just to squeeze some money out of the fashion hungry.

(I liked the black ruffle sleeve more anyway, a snip at just £300 on ebay!) 

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