Saturday, 13 November 2010

Who's in town today?

Saturdays always draw in the crowds so I weaved inbetween the masses to scope out who is wearing what this blustery weekend!
Samuel is a film student at Greenwich uni and I'm loving how he co-ordinated the brown suedette patches on his Zara shirt with brown cords!

Student Alexandra is combining this season's colour; camel, shape; the cape and trend; military with this piece from Dorothy Perkins.

Martin's a writer who isn't scared to make a statement. He stood out in the sea of greys and browns with  these amazing orange trousers from Jigsaw, we both agreed to call them Vintage as they are over 15 years old!

I spotted this cool couple queuing for lunch at the food market, Nicholas' coat is vintage from Camden market and Katie's is from Portobello. Both amazing places to visit if you're a fiend for vintage and quirky bits and pieces.


  1. that may well be the coolest couple i've ever seen.

  2. I know! They were so sweet too, it was lovely meeting them