Monday, 28 February 2011

What will Dior do next?

John Galliano is currently suspended from his role as Creative Director for Dior after he was arrested for making antisemetic remarks on Friday (25th Feb). A quick web search confirms that this has been covered by every major newspaper/ blog out there and Twitter is awash with opinions that range from mockery to outright anger.

His knee jerk reaction on his arrest was to counter sue the couple he allegedly insulted last Thursday on grounds of defamation. Alas his case can't be looking too good after video evidence of him declaring 'I love Hitler' emerged this morning. The recording is of a seperate incident in which he rants at table of three people in the same bar that played host to his first tirade. (Can't be very good press for said bar La Perle)

What I'm going to find interesting is how Dior will deal with this catastrophe, after all the fashion house can't be seen to forgive and forget Galliano after his repeated outburts, but will they be willing to terminate their 14 year collaboration with him?

Galliano couldn't have picked worse timing for his outbursts, as he was supposed to show the Dior ready - to - wear collection at Paris Fashion week, but for now it's unclear whether he will be present to take his bow at the end of the catwalk.

Galliano arrives for police questioning 28/2/11

Many a celebrity has fallen from grace, notably Mel Gibson for airing his antisemetic views. However others such as Kate Moss after her 'cocaine Kate' scandal, have managed to bounce back with more lucrative contracts than ever before.

A few from the fashion world have articulated their reactions to the arrest, mogul Hilary Alexander says his demons must be confronted 'But one thing is certain: he needs help. I am not for a moment excusing his behaviour. But, right now, this is a moment in his life when he needs support and love from the industry he has given his life to.' reports that designer Giorgio Armani understands that Galliano must be going through a difficult time and adds that he feels sorry for Galliano because he did not know he was being taped at the time. Should that matter?

It will be interesting to watch the reactions of those around Galliano as the case against him progresses. Will he be abandoned by the fashion world or will it find a way to excuse his behaviour and stick by him?

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